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sartorial cinema: Inception

It’s fitting that my first official post in this series be on Inception, as it was one of and continues to be a one of my most passionate search grounds for fashion inspiration. There is something about all of the characters in this movie that is so cool. Of course, most of this I assume is from the awesomeness of Hans Zimmer and Christopher Nolan and cinematography and the crazy good storyline, but let’s give a little bit of credit to the fashion too, shall we? In case you’re just as intrigued and confused as I am about the sheer geni us that is Inception, here’s a handy chart to help us. image


First, let’s identify the basic feel of the clothes, and the color palette. Simple. Classy. Metalic. This movie seems to be conceived in neutral and metallic hues of gray, navy blue, and earthy brown and oranges. This is all relative to each location/scene/dream level/character, as each person’s mind varies aesthetically (a set dresser and costumer’s dream.) It’s like the color scheme of a slightly evil, dusty attic, kind of like the mind. But I don’t know, Nolan isn’t really into symbolism or anything, so nevermind.



The costumes are tailored, sophisticated, dark, clean cut, and put-together despite everything else in the movie being a mess of confusion and chaos. All the clothing is multi-layered, just like the dreams within dreams russian doll situation. Timeless is a key word, and neutral is the other.


One thing I find really interesting about the costuming in this story is that it reveals a lot about the dream levels and who is dreaming, reality vs subconcious, etc. For example, comparing Mal’s costumes in “real life” vs in Cobb’s dreams= loungewear vs. cocktail dresses. (My favorite outfit of hers is her stunning black sequined dress in one of the first scenes, the initial intro to the idea of Inception and dream sharing.)


In Arthur’s dreams, they’re dressed slick and business-like, while in the van chase level the outfits are rustic, almost dystopian, with browns appearing a lot. Also, each character’s costume reveals a bit about their role in the dream-sharing- Ariadne’s outfits are imaginative, abnormal, unafraid to be “one of the guys” (architect), and Cobb’s are relaxed, a bit old-fashioned and haphazard (the brains of the operation, emotionally motivated), while Eam’s are sexy (forger) and Arthur’s very sleek and tight (the technicality, nitty gritty work). Even the coloration, the artwork, and the sky are all indications of what mood is current in the film, the emotional tension of the characters, revealing the reality of each situation.  I should be going to bed, but I’m going to pull together some stills and outfit inspirations here instead of “sleeping” as they call it. (insert troye sivan’s video on the life of an internet person here


Also, as means of crediting article’s I’ve read and absolutely loved in the past about this very topic, I would refer you to, a much better one than I’ve written, and obviously a large inspiration for my sartorial fashion addiction.  However, this article includes nothing of Ariadne’s style, and as she is my favorite character (Ellen Page always is) and her style was one of the first to catch my eye, I felt that was simply an injustice to humanity.

to be continued


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