Eclectic Crap


because nothing starts the morning off right like composing your own ode to death

from my much-too-early-in-the-morning-for-this-crap journalism class:

“She reminded me of what was good about the world.” Leonardo Dicaprio said. Most people knew Amy for her ability to take nothing seriously and all the times she sneezed so hard she farted. But she was also someone who constantly fought to remind us of the complexity of the people around us, the beautifully messy lives that each person leads. Amy spent her 117 years on earth making films with the likes ofJack Harries and Bonnie Wright. Her life was filled to the brim with rock climbing,human rights campaigns, National Geographic and Man Repeller writing assignments, live performances, and mostly a lot of awkwardly timed jokes. She requested her funeral to be an 18 hour long Harry Potter marathon and for anyone attending to donate any money otherwise spent on gifts to be sent to a collection of charities she supported, among which are mental health groups- a cause she strove to bring awareness to throughout her life. All-you-can-eat vegan ice cream and quesadillas will be served to anyone who wants to join. Guests are also welcome to enjoy a compilation of gifs complete with Parks and Recreation and Lord of theRings. Amy passed away holding the hand of her husband Harry Styles and is survived by her 3 adopted children.


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