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An Ode to Movie Trailers

I kinda have an obsession with movie trailers. Sometimes I like them more than movies. It’s so hard to hit a sweet spot between giving up the best parts of a movie and keeping it all a secret, but I feel like trailers have hit a sudden peak in recent years. It might just be (no, it definitely is) my personal preference in film and editing, but I’m gonna throw these all into a list anyways. Maybe almost exclusively so that I can go here at 3am instead of sleeping and watch all of them on repeat, as if I don’t have them memorized. And, just for good measure, I might ramble on about why I love them SO DAMN MUCH. Here we go:

Band of Robbers

WHY AREN’T MORE PEOPLE WATCHING THIS MOVIE?! Spoiler alert: good music = (usually) a good trailer



How do you somehow refresh a piece of work that’s been rehashed a century? Is it even possible? Apparently so, bc this trailer shows exactly what makes Anne the Series so different than any other adaptation of the beloved story. The cinematography alone grabs you (Joe Wright, are you there?) and hints at how much darker the show is. This trailer has more range of tone than I can fathom



This is captivating and it makes me deeply angry that there’s not a category for Best Trailer at the Oscars. I am ready to singlehandedly pioneer that category off my passion alone, on behalf of the Pure Art that this trailer is. It doesn’t give too much away, but it tells you what’s significant, it tells you what these characters are made of.


Mad Max: Fury Road

Now THIS is how you do a voiceover.



Ok, fine, yes, this is becoming a list of what I think are the best movies. I don’t care. This trailer might as well have transported me to another dimension. It’s one of the first trailers I remember watching that made me totally stop in my tracks. I’ve never been the same after.



This trailer was edited by one of my all-time favorite indie editors, aka Gen IP. I don’t even know where to start, so just enjoy it.


Dark Knight

I don’t need to say anything for you to know this movie is unlike any other movie-going experience. Here’s Heath to do it for me:


Tree of Life

This trailer makes more cohesive sense than any Malick film, but I love it because it acts as a thesis statement for what will drive the movie and its characters: a struggle between justice and grace.


Wonder Woman

In summary, after watching this trailer I ran screaming up 2 flights of stairs and yelled “IS THIS WHAT MEN FEEL LIKE AFTER WATCHING ANY MARVEL MOVIE EVER?”


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

This isn’t really a trailer as much as a plea to the Academy, but it’s the best (and shortest) snapshot of the heart of Harry Potter. Pull your shit together, Oscars. This series deserved all the Oscars. Sometimes I watch this trailer like the way some people would have a juice cleanse, because it’s like an out-of-body experience for me, in which my spirit is cleansed.


20th Century Women

Whoops, Lucas is in this list twice. He’s the new Gosling. I have no words.


Me & Earl & the Dying Girl

This is like food samples at Costco. It makes you stare into the eyes of a stranger. It pulls you into the art while sneakingly misleading you into paying money for something you don’t fully understand, but will later be thankful for This trailer slaps you in the face and says, HEY! BUDDY! THIS IS ABOUT TO BE A MASTERPIECE OF FILMMAKING AND YOU BETTER SIT DOWN NOW AND BRACE YOURSELF.



Proof as to why I think sometimes the best trailers don’t even need words. Writing is often the first stage of filmmaking, but the fact that there’s so many more mediums involved in film (score, acting, production design, etc) is what makes film different from a book: it’s a multidimensional language with 70000 moving parts, only one of which is dialogue.



You KNOW I had to include some Jakey-Jakes in here.


La La Land 

THIS. IS. IT. This is the perfect trailer. First of all, it demonstrates how meticulously clean music editing, choreographed with film editing, can be ridiculously addicting. It doesn’t give plot away (I had no idea what was going on, which I loved) but it still demonstrated the essence of how magic the movie is. It hints, but doesn’t spoil. These 2 minutes and 12 seconds mean more to me than most art on earth. I was made fun of mercilessly at work for my obsession, but I don’t give a shit. This is flawless.


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